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East Hamilton's 12 Days of Christmas
Post Card from East Hamilton
  1. Harrison Ivins on a mission trip at Lima, Peru, with kids from an orphanage that came to the church
    09 Dec, 2016
    East Hamilton's Holiday Traditions
    Students from different ethnic backgrounds share their Christmas traditions.
  2. Everything is a gift if it comes from the heart.
    09 Dec, 2016
    What Does East Hamilton Want This Year?
    Everyone wants something special to wake up to Christmas morning.
  3. Theatre 2 students Tim Vance (Joseph) and Gracie Vogel (Clarence), rehearsing lines and blocking for
    09 Dec, 2016
    It Really is a Wonderful Life This Year at EHS
    Theatre 2 students Tim Vance (Joseph) and Gracie Vogel (Clarence), rehearsing lines and blocking for act two of the show.
  4. It’s time to stop focusing all our attention on Santa.
    09 Dec, 2016
    The Holidays Just Aren't the Same Anymore
    With the holiday season just around the corner, here's a look at how I've changed my outlook on Christmas as I've grown up.
  5. A truck in the school parking lot that exemplifies the shifting tone at East Hamilton.
    09 Dec, 2016
    Is Trump Transforming East Hamilton?
    Students everywhere, including East Hamilton, have gone too far. They yell disrespectful slurs and sayings at minority students. These actions cannot be tolerated.
  6. Christmas movie on TV with fire on.
    09 Dec, 2016
    Students’ Favorite and Most Hated Holiday Movies
    Elf, Home Alone, Christmas Story make for binge-worthy holiday viewing.
  7. take a look inside. It's a newt in a box *a newt in a box~*
    09 Dec, 2016
    Rumors of Nude Dropbox on School’s Radar
    Students oblivious to possible dangers and penalties of passing around student nudes.
  8. The whole student body, taken from their classes.
    09 Dec, 2016
    Is the School Favoring Athletics Over Academics?
    Students are being forced to attend pep rallies and we are fed up.
Quote of the Week
       "My favorite thing about holiday break is having a big family dinner with like 26 of my family members."  

                                                                                                                -Christian McVay
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