Volume 3
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  1. Rest In Peace
    Rest In Peace
  2. A true hero
    A true hero
  3. wow
Quote of the Week
"This year is going to be a great year
       because we have more school spirit."  
                                                                                                                -Kristen Wolfe
  1. East Hamilton Tennis on the Road to State
    19 May, 2016
    East Hamilton Tennis on the Road to State
    The girl’s tennis team has rocked the competition and gone undefeated this season
  2. East Hamilton’s new system of cameras in action.
    19 May, 2016
    Feeling watched at school? What You Need to Know About the New Cameras
    Thanks to a grant throughout Hamilton County, East Hamilton has gotten the opportunity to install new and improved cameras throughout the school — over 70! Why’d EH get so many? What all can these cameras do? How do people feel about them?
  3. Senior, Taylor Vanzant, fills out a paper voting ballot for junior election.
    19 May, 2016
    Gliltches Mar Attempt to Update Election Process
    This year’s class officer election was surrounded with cheating, fraud, and overall skepticism
  4. Walter Siv and Larissa Lagria accept their honors at Senior Night.
    19 May, 2016
    Valor until the Salute
    Another graduation means another Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Walter Siv and Larissa Lagria have done the work and finally received the awards.