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  1. Lip Sync Battles
    Lip Sync Battles
Edition 2 Video Coverage
Quote of the Week
                  "I'm not. 
             I'm going to fail."  

                                                                                                                -Kody Lynn

Volume 3
Edition 2

  1. Tyson Venable, winner of the Region 3-AAA Golf Tournament.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Senior Golfers Headed to State
    High School Seniors Tyson Venable and Madalyn Hembree make it to the State Championship.
  2. Same old parties, brand new faces.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Who Won and Who Cares (EDITORIAL)
    A technical analysis of the debate and why it doesn’t matter.
  3. Homecoming King and Queen are almost always fights between 1st and 2nd most popular people in the gr
    04 Oct, 2016
    Yes, Homecoming is a Popularity Contest, and that’s Okay (EDITORIAL)
    No, You Don’t Have to Dress Like this to Win Homecoming
  4. Junior Team ready to take on the Powderpuff game.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Girls can Play Football
    Juniors fall in defensive battle with seniors in Powderpuff.
  5. The united senior class, dressed as aliens, march into powder puff.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Seniors Succeed at Powder Puff
    The aliens abducted the competition at the 2016 Powderpuff game.
  6. Homecoming Court 2016-2017
    04 Oct, 2016
    Homecoming Court 2016-2017
    Interviews of the Homecoming court.
  7. Seniors are ready for the powderpuff game.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Spirit Week’s Success
    This year’s spirit week was unique and new, however, some students weren’t able to enjoy it because of the difficulty of the days.
  8. The father of East Hamilton’s Brenda Zaragoza dances on his Friesian.
    04 Oct, 2016
    East Hamilton’s Got Talent
    Some students at East Hamilton have interests not offered at school. They train with horses and compete in racing shells across the Tennessee River.
  9. This is Mrs. Michelson in her office above the middle school gym!
    04 Oct, 2016
    EHS Faculty Welcomes New Hurricane Teachers
    These teachers new to the school are loving it!
  10. Artwork by Emma Griffis, Dustin Smith, and Ben Clark
    04 Oct, 2016
    What about the Art?
    Have you ever wondered about all the amazing artwork you see around the school as you wander?
  11. A group of students showing their pride at the East Hamilton versus Ooltewah football game.
    04 Oct, 2016
    We’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?
    A sudden burst of school spirit is surging through the halls of East Hamilton and many students and teachers are crediting the senior class. Where is all of this school spirit coming from and what are we supposed to do with it?
  12. The “Welcome to Hurricane Hill” sign was allegedly stolen by Ooltewah students after the game.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Ooltewah Prank Goes Unnoticed
    The pranking tradition continued. Hurricane Hill sign goes missing.
  13. Getting the scoop on Hurricane basketball.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Hurricane Basketball Players Ready for New Season
    East Hamilton’s boys’ basketball team has dominated recent years by being at the top in the district, so the question is, can the Hurricanes make it to the championship this year?
  14. Standing off Against Cleveland’s Blue Raiders
    04 Oct, 2016
    Season Still Savable for Canes
    The Canes are 3 and 3 the football field. Where can we go from here?
  15. Tyler Blum is going to be watching the football games from the sidelines until his foot gets healed.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Injures Can’t Stop Hurricane Athletes
    Sport injures won’t stop East Hamilton from going hard.
  16. Coach Garland is watching the game closely from the sideline.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Not All School Coaches are Teachers
    A majority of East Hamilton coaches are also our school teachers, allowing them to have a more personal coaching experience. However, sometimes outside coaches are needed.
  17. Spooky East Hamilton encounters are leaving its mark.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Seriously Spooky East Hamilton Encounters
    Students at East Hamilton talk about some spooky times they have experienced.
  18. EHS students dressed up into the cutest couple costume for Halloween.
    04 Oct, 2016
    EHS Halloween Inspiration and Ideas
    Get your Halloween makeup, costume, and food inspirations here to look the best on the spookiest day of the year.
  19. Students and teachers gather around the front flag pole for FCA.
    04 Oct, 2016
    To Stand or not to Stand?
    Teachers and athletes share their opinion on NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's decision to not stand during the National Anthem.
  20. Ireland Waddle’s Harambe necklace is a tribute to the fallen gorilla.
    04 Oct, 2016
    Harambe’s Death and How it Affected East Hamilton
    Why does Harambe mean so much to so many students at East Hamilton?