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"This year is going to be a great year
       because we have more school spirit."  
                                                                                                                -Kristen Wolfe
  1. Trump supporters can be found all over at East Hamilton, especially within the student body.
    02 Sep, 2016
    Hurricanes Backing the Least Offensive Candidate in 2016
    In a few months the heated 2016 presidential election will conclude. With so much discord among the candidates, voters, and citizens alike, which candidate will pull through the chaos for the country?
  2. An East Hamilton student with a BIG year ahead of him.
    02 Sep, 2016
    Welcome New Year, New Students, New Staff & Tights
    Each year brings a new crop of teachers, students, classes and much more! Everyone has high hopes for the coming year, so get the lowdown on all the changes around East Hamilton.
  3. Violence erupted over the summer of 2016 as racial tensions boiled over.
    02 Sep, 2016
    EHS Responds to a Summer of Violence, Racial Tension
    Police shootings led to protests and violence as the Black Lives Matter pushed ahead.
  4. Mass destruction of Nancy Burks’ home in Louisiana. She is the aunt of Soteria and Sharrah Burks.
    02 Sep, 2016
    Devastating Louisiana Flooding Hits Home
    East Hamilton has past Louisiana residents and students with family in Louisiana being tragically affected by the recent historically devastating flood.